Mag. Florian Wöhrle, Geschäftsführer der Double You GmbHMag. Florian Wöhrle

Managing Partner

After completing his studies in Law at the University of Vienna, Florian Wöhrle began his professional career in the head office of Energie AG Oberösterreich with general director Dr. Leo Windtner. Two years later, the passionate sailor and hunter moved to Vienna as a subject specialist for energy and water policy for the Federation of the Austrian Industry. He then followed the call of the former general secretary Karlheinz Kopf to the Austrian Business Federation (Österreichischer Wirtschaftsbund) as an economic advisor.

At the same time, as managing director of the Centre for Social Market Economy / Julius Raab Stiftung he substantially co-designed its fundamental reorientation. In 2009, after the cabinet reshuffle the VERBUND-Austrian Power Grid AG called him for the area of public affairs. Finally, he successfully brought his company and political experience to consulting as Senior Consultant at Wolfgang Rosam´s Change Communications.

Alongside these professional challenges, he has worked in the property sector for around 10 years. In addition to renting residential and business premises, he also implemented various property projects in Vienna and Upper Austria (including residential housing, loft conversions, etc.) and sat the concession examinations for property brokers and property managers.

The experience he gained from politics, stakeholders, company culture and consulting as well as the property sector, now forms – together with the existing network – the basis for his knowledgeable advisory service.

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